My trip to San Miguel De Allende in 2011

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“I don’t understand why you keep going to dangerous places for vacation!” a friend/ co-worker pouted after learning about the trip as I filled out my vacation request forum at work. She desperately tried to change my mind by telling me about the drug wars and killings in Cancun Mexico  that happened a couple months ago. But, I wasn’t going to Cancun…. Forgive the blurry photo…   Right smack dab in the middle of Mexico, there is a city nestled in a canyon called San Miguel De Allende. A beautiful place full of fascinating history. An interesting way to describe it is, imagine a […]


How to beat the heat!

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Summer is here! Actually, its been here for quite some time now…. sorry for the late post! Anyhow….. For some, it’s a time to go out and enjoy the summer breeze and resume their outdoor activities. For others, its time to stay in the A/C and surround yourself with bug spray! I am one of those poor unfortunate souls living in the humid scorching heat of Miami, Florida.   Other than the uncomfortable heat pounding down on us, the sun can give you a really nice golden tan, but that can also lead to very bad health problems. Not only […]


Mosquitoes facts and how to keep them away.

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Welcome to the hottest time of the year when our mosquito competitors come out to play! Well, this year we are going to win. I got a game plan that will keep them out of the play offs!     Why do we need to win? Because mosquitoes are one of the most deadly animals on earth! killing 7,250,000 people per year. Yes, those little buggers can kill you with just one “bite” because they often carry deadly diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika, West Nile and more. Just Malaria alone infected 214 million people in 2015, causing 438,000 deaths.   […]


Natural Toothpaste

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Somewhere deep down inside us all, we know that most of the products we eat are not good for us. Same goes for the products we use on our body. Today I would like to talk about toothpaste. Yep. That wonderful rat poison, engine greaser, cancer causing, few ingredients away from antifreeze you stick in your mouth on a daily basis! ^_^ Oh, I’m not lying. Here is a link with information on some of those “good for your teeth” ingredients. While you let that page load, run over and grab your toothpaste and see how many of those ingredients are […]


Free Fitness Classes in South FL

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YES! You read right! This post is here for people who struggle day to day just to pay bills, people who are single parents, or people who are trying to save as much money as possible for a certain goal without loosing out on staying healthy. But, if you have the money for it, please continue to go to your personal trainer/gym/ fitness instructor. This is how they make a living and I in no way want to take away their income. Years ago, I use to go to free yoga classes at BayFront Park right after work since it was […]


What to bring when Camping

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You cannot just pick any old camping list you find online! Trust me, don’t make the same mistake my group made the first time we went camping. You can read about it here, you’ll have a good laugh… anyhow! Since then I have gone camping numerous times from primitive, equestrian, RV camping, to just regular campground camping. So, I think I got this camping gig down and here to help you with your camping list.   Two things Before we start, first! I don’t care what type of camping you will be doing, these are a must. ALWAYS call the campgrounds or attraction area […]


My first camping trip

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Some times, to know what to do, you must first know what not to do. Check out my first camping trip to see what NOT to do when you go primitive camping.     Lets take a trip back to 2005. I was that 18 year old who has never went camping in her entire life but dreamed of camping since she was little. Watching TV shows about summer camps and wishing I could attend one. I even joined girl scouts in hopes to go camping. But my scout leader in her high stiletto heals and pencil skirts just made us […]